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Opis Technology makes the classic 60s telephone mobile

Dresden, Germany: The classic-designed 60s telephone has been given a technology update to transform it into a mobile by Opis Technology. The Opis 60s mobile telephone retains the classic looks and superb craftsmanship of the 60s design icon and is available in 8 colours.

“60s nostalgia and classic designs are enjoying a renaissance as it was a remarkable era for many fashion trends; Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt and Jackie Kennedy introduced the pillbox hat,” said Aron Zeh, CEO Opis Technology. “Complete with a rotary dialler, metal finger stop, mechanical ringing bell, weighty handset and the robust look and feel of an old-fashioned classic the Opis 60s mobile captures all the elements of an iconic British design but adds a few essential mobile functions.”

Opis 60s mobile - Retrotelefon  Nostalgietelefon  Vintagetelelfon mit Handy-Technologie  Tischhandy  GSM-Tischtelefon

The Opis 60s mobile incorporates features such as tone-dial menu control, local area code storage to mimic fixed-line phone behaviour and can save up to 9 quick-dial numbers. The Opis 60s mobile has a battery lifetime of 1 week in standby with 5 hours talk time.

3 Opis 60s telephones are available through Amazon UK. The Opis 60s mobile – a portable version of the classic landline telephone, priced at £109. The Opis 60s micro - a classic handset that can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or ultrabook and costs £19. The Opis 60s cable – a classic landline telephone, retailing at £59. Customised telephones for businesses including special functionality, colour, logos, branding, silk print and personal dial discs are also on offer through Opis Technology.

“We are all accustomed to the minimalist glass and plastic candy bar/slabs as the standard for mobile phones or telephones in the home. However, 60s design was all about creating products with substance and style - clean lines, elegance and a high standard of finish,“ continued Zeh. “For those who want to make a statement whether it’s at a meeting, conference or just need something that completes a look in the home then the Opis 60s makes the perfect accessory.”


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